5 Million fans on Facebook is a big deal. It's a lot of people from all walks of life sharing a singular commonality. We ideated with the purpose of creating a video that truly represented what our fans and ultimately Facebook is all about: friends. 

Verizon came to us with an exclusive partnership with NFL Mobile. Understanding that Sundays were not necessarily days of leisure we created #FOMOF. The Fear of Missing out on Football. To introduce the campaign, videos of people in common "fun" activities experiencing FOMOF were pushed to Verizon's social channels.

Verizon’s Facebook page was product on white background. That was it. It was devoid of all humanity. Over the course of a year (and counting) we brought Verizon’s Facebook page to life without losing sight of the brand. We also lead the way in bringing the majority of Verizon's social presence to mcgarrybowen.